With only 2 hours and over 160 flavors to test, it was hard to determine this year’s winners. The winning flavors were:





Chocolate Based

1st Place – Morningstar Storage – Nutella Oreo Crunch

2nd Place – Roswell Presbyterian Church – Rocky Road with Almonds

Vanilla Based

1st Place – Zion Missionary Baptist Church – Leslie’s Vanilla

2nd Place- Troop 87 – Best of Both Worlds

Fruit Based

1st Place- American Honda Finance Corp. -Lemon Basil

2nd Place- Zion Missionary Baptist Church – Apple Pie


1st Place- Randall Paulson Architects – Pumpkin Pie

2nd Place- Ronald Blue & Company – Key Lime Pie

Congratulations to our other Ice Cream winners:

Ice Cream Eating  6-8 yr olds:ice-cream-crankin-3-2016

1st -Sam Moradi & Jake Smith

2nd Beck Billup

Ice cream Eating  9-11 yr olds:

1st – Henry Lott

2nd Sailor O’Rear

Ice Cream Eating  12-14 yr olds:

1st Joseph Meeks

Ice Cream Stacking  6-8 yr olds:

1st Kylie Westbury

2nd Isabel Zechis & Lea Mechedi

Ice Cream Stacking  9-11 yr olds:

1st Henry Lott

Ice Cream Stacking  12-14 yr olds:

1st Joseph Courchene & Avery Symons