Volunteer Application and Information

An important goal of The Drake House is for all residents, staff and volunteers to have a safe and fulfilling experience while at The Drake House and The Drake Closet. Our policy requires that all staff members, residents and volunteers understand and sign off on The Drake House Child Protection Policy. We are required by law to report any instances of abuse or neglect, including lack of supervision, to the Georgia Department of Children and Family Services. All volunteers are required to read the Volunteer Handbook.

  1. Complete the on line application, including reading the Child Protection Policy and Volunteer Handbook
  2. Complete a background check.
  3. Register and attend the General Volunteer Orientation Session at The Drake Center.

Volunteers with weekend availability are encouraged to become involved with the planning committees for our special events, cover the Saturday shifts at one of the 3 Drake Closets stores, or assist with landscaping at one of our locations.

Age requirements: Ages 13-15 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian. Under 13, for privacy reasons, youth volunteers are not allowed one-on-one contact with our residents.


Volunteers Ages 12 and Younger

For privacy and safety issues, we ask that younger volunteers help in the following ways:

  • For their birthday party ask guest to bring food, cleaning supplies, paper products for The Drake House.
  • Hold a lemonade stand, dog wash, pet sit, make friendship bracelets , etc. and donate the proceeds to The Drake House.
  • Hold a clothing, food cleaning supply, paper products, etc drive and have fun making the posters and fliers.  See “Sponsor a Drive” for more ideas
  • Gather friends and participate in our family events including Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’ in August.




If you need further information please contact Melinda Szegedi, Volunteer and Resource Coordinator, at 770.587.4712 ext.305 or email