Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


I authorize The Drake House to contact references for the purpose of determining suitability for volunteering for any of the programs at The Drake House. I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete.


1. Purpose – An important goal of The Drake House is for all residents, staff and volunteers to have a safe and fulfilling experience while at The Drake House. We are required by law to report any instances of abuse or neglect, including lack of supervision, to the Georgia Department of Children and Family Services. All staff members, residents and volunteers are trained on and required to sign off on The Drake House Child Protection Policy.

Definitions – Sexual Abuse is sexual conduct [with] any person under eighteen years of age or without the mental capacity to consent. This includes the use or coercion of any child to engage in, or to assist in, any sexual conduct (or simulation for the purpose of producing a visual depiction) including (but not limited to) molestation, rape, indecent exposure, the viewing of pornographic materials, and the specific acts listed in Georgia Annotated Code 19-7-5(b).

Sexual Harassment includes sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as sexual jokes, innuendo, unwelcome or inappropriate touching, or display of sexual images that insult, degrade or sexually exploit others.

Physical Abuse includes (but is not limited to) non-accidental punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking, hitting (with a hand or object) and restraining a child. The Drake House considers such contact physical abuse even if the child sustains no injuries, or the adult never intended injury. Corporal punishment is never tolerated at The Drake House; this includes physical discipline such as paddling or spanking.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse includes (but is not limited to) belittling, insulting, rejecting, teasing, bullying, and unreasonable demands beyond a child’s capabilities. Such actions threaten a child’s psychological development, and The Drake House considers them emotional abuse even if there is no observable change in the child’s behavior, mood, response or cognition.

2. Safety Practices

a. Background Checks:
(1) Staff and Volunteers: All Drake House staff and volunteers must consent to a background check including a criminal history and identification confirmation prior to their work. These confidential reports will be kept in locked files located in The Drake Center. Rechecks may be performed at any time. Employment or participation in volunteer activities is contingent upon acceptable results of these background checks, as determined by the Executive Director. Employees and volunteers will be required to complete the necessary documentation to authorize background checks. Refusal to execute such documentation may result in denial or termination of employment and volunteer participation.
(2) Residents: Residents of TDH are required to secure a background check for the intake interview and to abide by TDH Child Protection Policy.

Standards of Operation for Child Safety

1. General
a.TDH policy is to have two approved adult volunteers (age 18 and older) or staff members present when tending children/youth. When one-on-one contact between an adult and a child/youth is required, the meeting should be conducted in view of other adults. This includes transporting residents in one’s private vehicle.
b.All approved volunteers and staff working with children/youth must exhibit appropriate behavior at all times including: appropriate language (no profanity, no belittling, and no sexual banter, either explicit or by innuendo), appropriate dress and appropriate physical contact (no pushing, no striking, no wrestling, no unwelcome touching).
c.Other prohibited conduct includes using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or being impaired by legally prescribed drugs. Any tobacco use is also prohibited.
d.Weapons (other than those of law enforcement personnel) may not be brought onto TDH property.
e.Volunteers and staff shall respect the identity of all residents at TDH, and shall not disclose any information about the families, nor acknowledge a family’s residence at TDH, unless authorized by the family for such disclosure.
f.Volunteers and staff are asked to refrain from initiating any physical contact with residents. Parental permission in regards to physical contact with children is advised.
g.The Drake House does not expect, ask or encourage volunteers to transport families. In the event that a volunteer chooses to transport any adult or children of residents of TDH, total liability is upon the volunteer.
h.Giving residents of TDH money is not advised. Should a volunteer be made aware of a family’s need for assistance, the volunteer should discuss the matter with a staff social worker.
i.All classrooms and meeting rooms which do not have an unobstructed glass panel must remain open. If a door does not have a glass panel, the top-half of the door must remain open.
j.Persons violating this policy may be terminated from employment or removed from volunteering at TDH.

2. Monday Night Program
a. Seventh graders and younger should be escorted to and from their classroom/meeting place by a parent/authorized guardian or an approved volunteer/staff. Children will be released only to those authorized on their registration or sign-in form or as specified by the parent or guardian.
b. If a child/youth needs adult assistance in a restroom, the door must remain ajar and another volunteer/staff member must be present. This includes the changing of diapers.
c. If a younger child cannot be comforted, nursery attendants will make every effort to locate parents/guardians before the child becomes too distraught.
d. Diaper bags, sippy cups, bottles, and other personal possessions brought into the nursery should be labeled with the child’s name.
e. Nursery toys will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
f. While on the playground, volunteers and/or staff will monitor all areas of the playground, being especially mindful of high areas, gates, and swings.

Emergency Plan

The lower level of The Drake Center is the designated safe area for all individuals upon weather siren alerts. Should the dangerous weather occur after business hours, TDH Resident Manager will facilitate access to the building TDH shall ensure that all fire extinguishers, alarms, first-aid kits, and emergency lighting are functional and that evacuation routes are posted in every classroom and apartment.

In the event of a fire alarm, residents will exit the building safely and meet on the lawn in front of The Drake House sign.


1. Georgia Code – Title 19-7-5 defines “Child service organization personnel” as persons employed by or volunteering at a business or an organization, whether public, private, for profit, not for profit, or voluntary, that provides care, treatment, education, training, supervision, coaching, counseling, recreational programs, or shelter to children.” Then the law states that child service organization personnel, “having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been abused shall report or cause reports of that abuse to be made as provided in this Code section.” Therefore, under this law, TDH volunteers and staff members are mandatory reporters of child abuse.

2. An individual (whether a volunteer or employee of TDH) who deems child abuse (as defined in Section II) has or is taking place, shall notify law enforcement immediately. The reporter is requested to then provide a written report to the Drake House staff member in charge of the facility or program (if that staff member is not the alleged abuser). The recipient of this report will immediately notify the parent/guardian of the child involved unless the parent or guardian is the alleged abuser.

3. Georgia Code – Title 19-7-5 requires that an oral report of child abuse be made “no later than 24 hours from the time there is reasonable cause to believe a child has been abused, by telephone or otherwise and followed by a report in writing, if requested, to the child welfare agency providing protective services, as designated by the Department of Human Services, or in the absence of such agency, to an appropriate police authority or district attorney.” (Note: in most instances, the Police Department will be the only readily available agency for reporting within the necessary time frame). Leaving a message on the DFCS answering machine does not satisfy the reporting requirement.

4. Phone Numbers:
a. Roswell Police Department: (770) 640-4100 or (770) 993-4100 or 911.
b. If child is in immediate danger: 911
c. DFCS: (404) 699-4399 or (404) 252-2180

Policy Review

The program committee of TDH Advisory Board will review the Child Protection Policy every year for the purpose of making recommendations for changes to TDH Board of Directors.


I understand and agree that, while providing any or all services as a volunteer (“Services”) for The Drake House, there are certain risks (some of which I may not fully recognize) and that injuries, death, property damage or other harm could occur to me during or resulting from the provision of the Services. I, therefore, covenant and agree, on behalf of myself and my heirs, assigns, and any other person claiming by, under or through me, as follows:

  • I accept and voluntarily incur all risks of any injuries, damages or harm which arise during or result from my provision of the Services, whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of The Drake House or its directors, officers, employees, agents or insurers (the “Released Parties”).
  • I waive all claims against and hold harmless any and all of the Released Parties for any injuries, damages, expenses, liabilities, losses or claims, whether known or unknown, which arising during or result from my provision of the Services, whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of any of the Released Parties, and forever release and discharge the Released parties from all such claims.
  • It is my express intent that this Waiver, Release, and Hold Harmless Agreement (“Agreement”) shall bind my successors, assigns, heirs, and personal representatives.
  • I acknowledge that my Services are voluntary and no payments or gifts were given in exchange for my Services.
  • I hereby authorize The Drake House to publish photographs and videos of me, as well as my name and likeness, for use in print, online and video based marketing materials. I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I will receive no financial compensation.
  • I have read and agree to abide by The Drake House Child Protection Policy.
  • I acknowledge and represent that I have read and understand all the foregoing and hereby execute this Agreement voluntarily, as my own free act and deed and that no oral representations, statements or inducements have been made by any of the Released Parties in connection with this Agreement.

I understand and agree to adhere to the above policies and guidelines. I agree to uphold the principle of confidentiality in all programs, records, and discussions of or about families we serve. As such, volunteers shall not disclose any information about any Drake House client to anyone outside of this organization unless the individual authorizes such disclosure. The principle of confidentiality also applies to the very fact that a client is being served by this agency.