Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – host your own virtual fundraiser! Celebrate your birthday, holidays, anniversary or host a corporate fundraiser with your own personal TDH fundraising page! The peer-to-peer fundraising page makes it easy for you to design your own webpage, email the link to your friends and family, and start raising money for a cause you love! Click the link below to get started – in just 5-10 minutes you can be fundraising for The Drake House on your own page! Email us at for further information.

Third Party Fundraising

Third Party Fundraisers are a great way for your friends, co-workers, community group, etc. to host a fun event and raise money for a cause you are passionate about! Third Party Fundraisers turn your hobby into donations for The Drake House. You can host a cornhole tournament, 5k race, bake sale, or really anything you love to do. The Drake House is grateful for your support and happy to help answer questions around your event. Please click the link below to learn more about hosting a Third Party Fundraiser for The Drake House. Please email the completed form to