Helpful Links Listed Below

Currently, our crisis housing program is operating at full capacity, and regrettably, we are unable to accommodate your family. However, we remain committed to supporting you and are actively providing additional housing resources to assist you in your search.

Helpful Links

The Coordinated Entry System is designed to assist individuals experiencing homelessness in your area by guiding them through a series of questions to assess their needs and determine suitable shelters or rapid rehousing programs for referral. The contact number for Coordinated Entry varies depending on your location.

    • North Fulton: 404-612-0720
    • South Fulton: 404-612-0137
    • City of Atlanta: 404-215-6600
    • Dekalb: 404-687-3500
    • Gwinnett: 770-847-6765
    • Cobb: 770-428-2601
    • Additional areas within the State of Georgia: 1-844-249-8367
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society may be able to assist you with a hotel stay or other resources. You can find the right society by going to this website: or by calling 678-892-6163. You will have to leave a message and expect a return call. It is important to know what zip code you are in.
  • These two resource links can provide you with the various agencies that serve the metro area. (The only mandatory question that must be answered on each website is the zip code. Use different zip codes within the metro area to obtain different resources):